1st Place

Damilola Alabi

Graphic Designer, Lagos State

The Jury unanimously selected this illustration for 1st prize because of its simplicity, the strength of the message and the artistic creativity. The depiction of gender equality as a collective effort resonated with the core message of the comic competition, and the use of the gender equality icon as a puzzle that must be pieced together by all members of society was very brilliant.

2nd Place

Emili Awele Lucky

Student, Ogun State

The Artist has a consistent style and created a clear interpretation of the themes of women in Power and the education of the girl child. The jury decided to factor in the under-representation of women both in the contest as a whole as well as in the comic/animation/cartoon industry and chose to give this artist preference over the other entry that was in contention for second place.

3rd Place

Omodiale Samuel

Student, Edo State

The artist’s symbolic representation of the pillars of a stable world, namely democracy, science/technology and gender equality sent a strong message.

3rd Place

Akaine Victor Emuata

Freelance Graphic Designer, Abuja

The artist created a strong depiction of a world where the roles of men and women in both private and public life are balanced. The complementary contributions of all the members of society and the willingness to promote gender equality are very clear.

3rd Place

Kanebi Uchenna Kanebi

Graphic Artist, Abuja

The artistic representation of the evolution of a traditional patriarchal man to take up more responsibility in the domestic sphere sent a strong message about the redistribution of labor that is necessary to achieve gender equality.